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Drilling & Rigs

Drilling & Rigs

Gulf Oil & Gas Product Range Serving complete oilfield equipment & Spare parts for all major OEM Manufacturer. We are associated with reputed manufacturers across USA, Europe, Far-east & Indian Subcontinent


  • Rig And Rig Spares : Platform, Derrick/Mast and spares
  • Mechanical : Valves, Pipes, Fittings, Instrumentation Fittings, Gauges, Actuators, Kelly (Valve and Bushing), Swivel, Unions, Jars, Fishing Tool, Instrumented Pig, Rotary Table, Spool Risers, Control Consoles, Choke Beans, Solid Control Equipment
  • Fluid Flow : Mud Pump, Accumulator, Mud Tanks, Hoses, Flow Meters
  • Pressure Control : BOP, BOP Control and spares
  • Material Transfer : Draw work, Shale Shaker, Wire ropes, Slings, Spinning Wrench tongs and spiders, Elevators, Slips, Master Bushing Hoppers, Winches, Hoist
  • Safety : Drilling Mat, Coveralls, safety Shoes, Gloves, Respirators, Breathing Apparatus, Goggles, Ear Muffler/Plug, Helmet, Fire Blanket, Gas Detectors, Fire Extinguisher
  • Transportation : Vehicle, Trucks, Tyres, Battery and Spares
  • General : Prefabricated Buildings, Power and Hand Tools, Pneumatic Tools
Drilling & Rigs Supply
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